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Promoting STEM Education through the Air Force Outreach Program

Carl Buhler

The Air Force STEM Outreach program hosts a number of educational events, activities, and programs dedicated to helping young people access quality education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Under this initiative, K-12 STEM programs are offered at Air Force bases across the United States.

The Air Force STEM Outreach website also lists internship and apprenticeship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Students in the Consortium Research Fellows Program can work alongside Department of Defense personnel on projects related to defense technology. Additionally, the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education brings together scientists from the Department of Energy and interested college and high school students to conduct research that helps shape a range of government energy policies. More information is available at

The author, Brigadier General Carl Buhler, is a logistics and supply chain professional who has served as a United States Air Force officer for over 28 years. He obtained a master's degree in national resource strategy from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces (ICAF) and is a strong proponent of comprehensive STEM education.

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