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Offerings from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Carl Buhler

Colonial Williamsburg is a living history exhibit within the Historic Triangle of Virginia. Meanwhile, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation is an organization with the official and poignant mission of “feed[ing] the human spirit by sharing America’s enduring story.” The foundation is dedicated to preserving and teaching others about our nation’s rich and fascinating history, especially our Colonial and Revolutionary legacy.

One way the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation shares America’s story is by helping educators. The foundation provides a number of educationally enriching resources for teachers and students. Within the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, students and educators benefit from the resource library, which is accessible through the Internet. Users can search for American History topics and articles by theme and era. Many of the articles include insightful video presentations and interactive web activities. Also available are lesson plans developed by experienced teachers. These lesson plans cover important topics such as the colonists’ reactions to the Stamp Act and how the events set the Revolutionary War into motion.

The author, Carl Buhler, is retired Air Force Brigadier General. He is interested in military and biographical history and is a member of the Colonial Williamsburg foundation.

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